About Romas HR Consulting

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Brenda Romas and I am so honoured to introduce you to Romas HR Consulting.  I have spent a lifetime working towards this point in my career.  Each step taken carefully and full of experiences and opportunities that have lead me here today.  My education started with a Diploma in Business Administration followed by completing 4th level of Certified General Accountant Program and eventually a Certificate in Human Resources and attaining my CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) designation in 2009.  I very soon discovered that my “personality and people orientation” did not suit the career of an Accountant – so I didn’t end up pursuing that too far – however, this education has exposed me to an understanding of business from a level that most HR people have not attained.

My HR experience has spanned over 15 years and several business sectors; including small business ownership.  My career has exposed me to working with multi-locations, restaurants,  production/warehouse/office environments, as well as retail stores.

This vast experience complimented by my educational pursuits lends to a well rounded HR Professional that can speak to and understand all the areas of business.  I am excited to discuss how my knowledge and experience can partner with your business to increase employee engagement, compliance, and reduce staff turnover – which will in turn add to your bottom line.

Invite me into your business – let me be your Virtual HR Department – this will afford you the time to regain your primary focus of running your business.  For those of you who have never partnered with an HR Professional – let me show you all the benefits to this type of relationship.  For those of you who already know the value of this type of relationship – partner with me – I am always only a phone call or email away.