What Is Your Organization’s Long-Term Remote Work Strategy?


I read an article this morning that stated that 33% of employees currently working remotely would look for a new role if they were told to return to the office full time.  Personally, I think that might be a bit overstated – but – I do believe that many employees have become very comfortable with certain aspects of the WFH dynamic.  

While it may have started off as “pandemic induced” remote work there does seem to be a desire to continue with a hybrid work arrangement on both sides – management and employees. Many employers struggled to offer true WFH pre-pandemic – they claimed to have WFH but truly offered it as a “one day here and there” perk instead of a true WFH agreement.

There is a growing desire among some businesses and business leaders to start welcoming employees back to the office once it is considered safe.  Now is the time for managers to engage in meaningful discussions with their teams to determine what the “ideal” return to workplace situation will look like.  What is on your employee’s “wish list” for a return?  Businesses need to be prepared for a potential change in employees “ideal” work structures.  Employers can work with their employees to achieve the best scenario to maintain productivity and business systems and satisfy the hybrid workplace requests from their employees.

Remember that a return-to-workplace plan that prioritizes employees well-being and fosters a strong organizational culture will increase employee morale, productivity, engagement, retention and aid your future recruiting efforts.

What will your optimal remote work strategy look like? What will your remote work policies and practices look like going forward?  It’s very important to take the time to plan these out and don’t just let them “happen” as employees return.  

This is a perfect opportunity to partner with an HR Professional who can connect with your team and get their feedback, as well as, meet with management to find out the desired workplace model.  It’s a time to discuss what worked well during the “pandemic” WFH and what didn’t.  An HR Professional can help you figure out the hybrid model that will work well with your individual organization; update company policies to fit the needs of a dispersed workforce and help find the optimal mix of remote & in office to keep your business performing optimally.

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