The Great Resignation – Believe it or Not?

Many people have opinions on whether or not this is happening in our little prairie province of Manitoba.  Whether you believe this or not – here is the hard truth – “People are no longer competing for jobs; companies are competing for people”.  As a business that employs people – you need to be prepared for this reality.  Gone are they days where you can throw a job posting up and get 200 or 300 responses to your ad in the first 3 days.  Trust me – those days are gone!  

The “Talent Challenge” that we are currently facing requires employers to be more strategic – way more strategic!  It’s not just about what salary you are offering perspective candidates – it’s about your company culture, what your current employees are saying about you, your Social Media presence, “perks” that are offered to your employees (and I don’t mean dental and eye care), how your company defines it’s social responsibility.  Get my drift?  You need a strategy!

Sure you offer a great “Benefits Package” to your employees – do they use it?  Have you ever done a deep dive to see if what you are offering them is what they want?  By the way … benefits packages are no longer looked at as a “perk” – they are a requirement much like a salary is.  

Everyone has individual needs from their employer.  Don’t assume that you know what your employees want – ASK THEM!  Whether you do this through one on one conversations, group listening sessions, or employee engagement surveys, it is important to have an open dialogue to understand what your employees value and what they need to feel engaged at work.  It’s great to collect all that information, but you also need to be realistic about whether you are able to offer that to them – and be transparent.  Your honesty will be appreciated.

Your culture is what will attract and retain a good team.  Who are you as a company and what can you offer them.  Place your focus on creating a culture of growth and development.   Creating a “Strategic Plan for Talent” may not only help you retain your current team but if they do decide to leave – you will have a solid talent pool capable of continuing into the future.

Not sure how to create a “Strategic Plan for Talent”?  Give us a call.  We have created a “Talent Challenge Playbook” that we work through with our clients.  We can help you create a strategic  plan for 2022 and beyond.

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