Employee Onboarding

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.   

 -Will Rogers-

Onboarding…Orientation >> potato…potatoh right?  WRONG!

Onboarding and Orientation are often confused as the same process.  Orientation is an important part of the Onboarding process for the completion of paperwork, introducing the new hire to other employees, office facilities, policies ect – but – Onboarding is the overarching comprehensive process involving management and other employees and can last anywhere from 1 month – 12 months. 

Employee Onboarding is the process of welcoming new hires, familiarizing them with your company culture, and helping them acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to succeed in your company and their new role.  Attracting and retaining the right people starts with a well planned and executed Onboarding process.

Onboarding is not one-size-fits-all, although there are common steps to follow:

    • Pre-Boarding – Onboarding starts before your employees do.  This stage includes tasks that should be completed prior to new hire start date, such as Welcome Package, HR & IT set ups, office space setup ect
    • Orientation – primarily the HR paperwork part of onboarding.  Going through the Employee Handbook and policies, Company values and mission statement.  I would suggest breaking this phase into several smaller tasks.  Going through everything HR in one sitting is too daunting and basically isn’t usually retained well  
    • Formal mentor/buddy system – set up a formal mentoring situation for the new employee.  Ensure that the mentor understands their role.
    • Follow up – specific times set up for follow up & assessments.  A general guide for follow up is at the end of the 1st day, end of the 1st week and then 30/60/90 days.  Ensure follow up is documented and completed on time.

Onboarding contributes directly to:

    • Employee Socialization 
    • Job Satisfaction
    • Commitment to the company
    • Employee Engagement
    • Employee Retention 

“Remember Onboarding is not a “one day; HR only” event.”


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