Recruitment & Selection – What’s trending in 2023

Looking back over the last few years we have come up against a global pandemic, a shift to remote work and what some industry experts have called “the great resignation”.  What can we expect next? 

Economic uncertainty, inflation and potentially a recession are top of mind as we begin to dig into 2023.  How should these be considered in your recruitment strategy?

We have started to see the pandemic take a backseat and businesses are facing higher than expected turnover and recruitment challenges.  When you factor in the rising cost of living, it makes sense that there will be a corresponding demand for higher wages and more meaningful benefits.

What to expect in 2023?  Recruitment will require businesses to become proactive instead of reactive.  As a business, there will be a call to create and execute some key strategies to locate talent before you have a demand to fill a position.  It will create an advantage for you to look at recruitment in much the same way as you look at attracting customers/clients to your business.  

Some key ways to achieve this:

  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Utilizing the power of Social Media
  • Increasing Employee Retention efforts
  • Employing Hybrid work models
  • Creating a great Candidate Experience when recruiting
  • Consider using “Contingent Workers” to supplement your workforce
  • Adapting to the “generational shift” in the workforce

The future means change!  Make sure that you have what it takes to rise to the challenges that will come in 2023.  The key is to strategically come up with a plan for your business – it is no longer reasonable to wait until you have vacancies to start looking for candidates.  Candidates are continually “shopping” for their next employer – if you are not advertising – you are viewed as “unknown” and won’t be attractive to candidates the next time you post a vacancy! 

Does this seem insurmountable for you as a small business?  This is where HR support for your business and your management team can help.  Engaging with an Independent HR Consultant can alleviate the stress of the unknown.  We work with many companies that are in the same boat as you – we use our knowledge and experience to help you define and elevate your Human Resources strategies and goals.  

Hiring Independent Consultants is an advantage for small businesses when full time/on staff support is not required.  Reach out and chat with us and see how we can support your business in creating and executing a Recruitment and Retention strategy for 2023.

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