Could outdated policies, benefits and perks be potentially limiting your talent pool during recruitment?

According to a Glassdoor blog -“Gen Z is expected to overtake the Baby Boomers in the full-time workforce by early 2024”.  How can you elevate your organization during talent recruitment? Gen Z prioritizes various aspects in the workplace, and not meeting these expectations might limit your talent pool significantly.

To attract a larger talent pool, organizations can implement several strategies to increase their appeal to potential Gen Z candidates. Firstly, improving the visibility of the company through strong branding and a positive online presence can attract more applicants. Utilizing social media platforms, showcasing company culture, and highlighting employee testimonials can help create a compelling image for job seekers.

Secondly, offering competitive benefits and perks can make the organization more attractive to potential employees. This could include flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, wellness programs, and attractive compensation packages. Providing a work environment that prioritizes work-life balance and employee well-being can set the organization apart from competitors.

Hybrid work is here to stay, but if your company wants to encourage more in-person work, think about offering incentives to employees who choose to work in the office instead of mandating a return to the office. Have you thought about implementing a “face-to-face” mentoring program? Engage in a discussion with your team to find out what would motivate them to come back to the office.

Lastly, creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture can also attract a wider range of candidates. Emphasizing diversity in recruitment efforts, fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, and promoting equality and respect can help attract top talent from different backgrounds. By implementing these strategies, organizations can enhance their reputation as an employer of choice and attract a larger talent pool.

If you require support reviewing your current policies, benefits, or perks, or if you are unsure about attracting a broad talent pool during recruitment, it might be beneficial to seek guidance from an HR Consultant.

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