Performance Chats – feeling the jitters yet?

Performance conversations are a crucial aspect of effective management and leadership. They should be ongoing and not just reserved for when an employee is struggling with poor performance.  Even your top performers can benefit from regular feedback and guidance to continue excelling in their roles. By having consistent performance conversations, you can create a culture of open communication and continuous improvement within your team.

Before addressing poor performance, it is essential to pinpoint the problem and compile your observations. Engage in a conversation with the employee to gain a deeper understanding. Is it purely a performance-related matter, or could there be external factors influencing the employee?  Consider personal or medical issues, or workplace situations that may not be apparent to you. These discussions cover different aspects, and having the guidance and support of an HR professional can be beneficial.

When conducting performance conversations, it’s important to approach them with a growth mindset.  Focus on providing constructive feedback, setting clear expectations, and offering support and resources to help employees succeed. These conversations should be two-way dialogues where both parties can share their perspectives, discuss goals and development opportunities, and collaborate on ways to enhance performance and progress within the organization.

By making performance conversations a regular part of your management routine, you can not only address any performance issues promptly but also recognize and reward achievements, motivate your team members, and foster a positive and productive work environment where everyone feels valued and supported in their professional growth.

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